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Free Finding your Life Purpose Course

This is for you if...

 •  You want to feel authentic and in integrity with your true self


 •  You want to feel like you’re living in alignment with your purpose


 •  You want a meaningful and fulfilling career


 •  You want to do more of what you are passionate about


 •  You want to replace limiting beliefs with empowering ones


 •  You want to create the life of your dreams

So, why this course? And why PURPOSE?

Knowing your purpose is transformational!


 •  Know what you came here to do

 •  Know your unique contribution to the world

 •  Know what career would fulfill you

 •  Know how to use your gifts and natural talents

 •  See greater meaning in your past experiences

 •  See your curses as blessings 

 •  Know what direction to go in life

 •  Feel empowered to go for your dream

The keys to unlocking purpose:

 • Passions

 • Talents

 • Personality

 • Experiences

 • Beliefs

In this Course we'll be delving into the #1 most important aspect of living a purposeful life--LIVING WITH PASSION!

Your passions unlock the key to your happiness, your excitement, your fulfillment, your talents, and your success. If you embraced your passions you would:

 •  Feel inspired with life

 •  Know what makes you feel alive

 •  Know what fulfills you at your core

 •  Feel excited to get up in the morning

But you see, many of us have forgotten our passions—they got pushed aside by our “shoulds” and obligations. In this workshop we’re going to help you realign with what you love, what feeds you, and what inspires you so you can live a life of purpose!

In this Free course, I will go over a few areas... I promise to give you more information on how to take it further...We have a comprehensive program for discovering your purpose. We’re going to give you the big picture so that you know what steps you can take to discover your purpose, and then we’re going to get into much greater detail on the most important step—PASSION!

This course will cover:


   • Insights from your younger self.


   • What do you love?


   • What do you have to offer?


   • What do you really want?


   • What do you stand for?


   • How can you live in integrity?



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